who we are

More flavor.
more function.
more you.

I created Free Rain because I wanted more from sparkling water; more flavor, more function, more feeling. I believe that there is more in us than we know and Free Rain is crafted with powerful, natural ingredients to help unlock more in all of us.

Free Rain is founded by father, athlete, outdoor enthusiast, and entrepreneur, Colin McCabe. In his pursuit of 'more' in every day, Colin noticed a gap in the market when looking for delicious, convenient, and functionally beneficial beverages.

Turning to an unending source of inspiration, he found in nature the surprising power of adaptogens. Fusing these ingredients with just the right amount of all natural flavor led to the creation of Free Rain: a refreshing sparkling water that actively enhances mental and physical function.

Colin brought Free Rain into his own personal journey of discovery and has been constantly inspired by the ‘more’ it has made available to him. He now wants to share Free Rain with those seeking more in their own lives.